In case your visitors are eyeballing a certain product for days and been on your webshop multiple times, then you should help them with a little push to complete their order.

That little push is using Alkubot's advanced timing features.

Just choose one of your active campaigns, then Settings -> Fine-tuning and activate New and returning visitors, and finally set it to returning visitors.

In our example, we gave an input of 3, which means if a user is visiting your webshop more than 3 times, only then will Alkubot pop up for that visitor.


But what if you want to show it only once?

It's easy,  just activate Maximum sessions and set it to 1.

Now the visitor will only see Alkubot once and never again for a whole week.


Show it later!

But what if you set Alkubot for every product and don't want your visitors to see it, just only after they visited a few pages of your webshop?

Let's activate the Number of pages viewed and set it to 4. That means the visitor has to navigate to 4 different pages before Alkubot shows up for him.

Now you have the perfect tool for selling your products to hesitant returning visitors.

In case if you want to create similar campaigns or just want to increase your conversion rate and revenue, then give Alkubot a try.